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Bath Lifts and Cushions

Bath Lifts and Cushions

Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift

£519.00 (Inc VAT) / £432.50 (ex VAT)

Bath Lifts and Cushions

Bellavita Bath Lift

£469.19 (Inc VAT) / £390.99 (ex VAT)

Bath Lifts and Cushions

Mangar Bathing Cushion

£697.20 (Inc VAT) / £581.00 (ex VAT)

Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are used to lower and raise people in and out of their baths safely. All have side flaps which aid easy side transfer on to and off the bath lift. For greater ease, some models also offer optional swivel seating. Reclining or static back options are available depending on your preference. Suction cups keep the bath lift securely positioned in the base of the bath. All bath lifts will lower you to within 3 or 4” of the base of the bath. They all have simple waterproof remote hand controls which are battery operated (no dangerous power cables) and when not in use the remote should be taken out of the bathroom and put onto charge. For cleaning purposes, bath lifts can be broken down into two easily manageable sections, the base and the back. They can be cared for by cleaning with a dilute solution of mild bleach. All have removable, washable seat and back covers.

A Bathing cushion

A Bathing cushion is an alternative to a bath lift. It also has an easy water proof hand control with a separate air compressor unit which inflates the cushion. The bathing cushion is light and very portable and also has suction caps which stick to the base of the bath. The bathing cushion is suited to someone with reasonable upper body stability as it does not offer back support whilst rising out of the bath. They offer a full recline although some air can be left in the back cushion for comfort.
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