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Daily Living Aids

Ultra Narrow Walking Frame

£55.20 (Inc VAT) / £46.00 (ex VAT)

Daily Living Aids

Vida Chair Pads

£9.59 (Inc VAT) / £7.99 (ex VAT)

Daily Living Aids

Vida Washable Bed Pad

£19.59 (Inc VAT) / £16.33 (ex VAT)

It’s the everyday things in life that we often take for granted – until, that is, we find ourselves having a problem. Whatever it is you are having difficulty in doing you are almost certainly not alone. This is why there is almost always a product which can help.

To list or illustrate all the helpful products that can make a real difference to daily living and to make it easy for you to find just what you might need is beyond the scope of this website.

We are able to use our combined experience, expertise and product knowledge to select items from which you can choose the one which suits you best.

We can do this face to face, over the telephone or via email exchange, although we find that having a conversation is the most effective approach.

And once you have chosen what will be best for you, if we don’t already have it in stock, we are normally able to supply within a couple of working days.

You can collect from our showroom or we can arrange delivery.

Give us a call on 01420 549481, email: or Visit Us – and we’ll do our very best to find just what you need.

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