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When walking is becoming more difficult, whether at home or out and about, a wheelchair can make all the difference.

"Now I can go for lunch when I want and not have to eat in my room by myself."

"We went to the gardens at Wisley. My son hired one of their wheelchairs and pushed me round. I was able to get to places I know I just couldn't have made under my own steam: I was part of a group again, all chatting together; they weren't having to wait for me to them catch up. So, I'm here to buy one of my own."

There are two types of Manual Wheelchair each having its own benefits:

  • Self-propelled: where you propel yourself and steer using your hands and arms to rotate the large rear wheels.
  • Attendant-propelled or Transit: where another person pushes and steers the wheelchair leaving you to enjoy the ride.

Making the right choice

It is very important that you make the choice of wheelchair that is right for you – right for you now but also taking account of the future. Using our experience of helping other customers to make the right choice for them, we've put together a few simple questions.

Answering these will get you off to a good start in selecting the right type of wheelchair. For Self-Propel and Attendant-Propel chairs, we have selected some examples of makes and models to give you a good idea of the range of options that are available. But remember, these are only selections and it's quite possible that none of them will be the right one for you. We have much more information that we can use to determine the chair for you and we are able to supply virtually all of the makes and models of Wheelchair that are available in the UK.

Call us on 01420 549481 or email: should you need more information or advice.

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