Are you sitting comfortably? Five great benefits of a Fireside Chair

At this time of year, the perfect antidote to all that miserable, cold weather outside is to sit indoors, in warmth and comfort. Of course, it’s good to have mobility to stay mobile and active, but sometimes all you really want to do is hunker down at home, in your favourite comfy chair, with the heating turned up.

At times like this, a lovely fireside chair – tailored to your needs – could be the perfect companion.

If you don’t already have a fireside chair gracing your sitting room, below we’ve outlined a variety of reasons why one of these sturdy, practical seats could make a very welcome addition to your home.

  1. Cost effective and space-saving

You may not realise this, but fireside chairs are a cheaper alternative to riser recliner chairs.  Also, if you are limited for space, fireside chairs are less bulky and don’t weigh as much as recliners. This means that they don’t take up as much room and can also be easier to move about for cleaning, compared to their recliner equivalents. Check out our website for price comparisons or call us to discuss.

  1. Accessibility

For those who rely on mobility aids, it’s often overlooked that fireside chairs can make it easier to get up and down from the seat. Since one of the standard features of these chairs is the wooden hand grips, by gripping the handles securely, this can help enormously when levering or pushing yourself up from the seat, as well as providing something sturdy to cling onto when sitting down.

  1. Medically recommended

If you are recovering from certain types of operation, such as hip replacement surgery, certainly for a good while after, movement can be quite challenging.  This is why occupational therapists and medical practitioners advocate the use of fireside chairs, to help make it easier for anyone with restricted movement to get up and down.

  1. Nice Furniture for the Home

Compared to rather uninviting and featureless hospital chairs, fireside chairs are much more aesthetically pleasing in appearance and in what they offer in terms of home comfort. Although they are very similar in design to hospital chairs – with their high backs, wooden hand grips and higher than usual sofa/chair seat heights – there is a world of difference with how a fireside chairs is designed, e.g. with the styling of the back rests and the choice of fabrics.  In short, fireside chairs can be tailored to blend in perfectly with your existing décor, offering you bags of comfort, but with that all-important day-to- day practicality.

  1. Bespoke seating to meet your needs

Our extensive range of fireside chairs is designed to accommodate the needs of anyone with disability and mobility issues. We will go out of our way to ensure the seating you choose is tailored to your specific requirements.

As an example, in situations where medium or high risk care is required, if you are fitted with an incorrectly sized chair, this could lead to the risk of pressure points and pressure sores developing. So to prevent anything like this occurring, where required, we would ensure that pressure care is built into the base of the seat.

At all times, our priority is to ensure that it is easy for you to get up and down safely and, when you are in a seated position, that you feel nice and comfortable.

Avon Fireside ChairFireside chairs come in a range of prices – depending on specification, style and choice of fabrics.  One of the most popular models we sell is the Avon Button Back, a traditional high back chair with a deep button back, which is both supportive and extremely comfortable. It is designed with pocket sprung seating, padded armrests and upholstered sides. With its contemporary styling and a selection of modern fabric, the luxurious Avon would look the part in most settings. Price: £425 exc. VAT.

Meanwhile, we also have a selection of ex-demo fireside chairs in our Alton showroom, which are on sale for a fraction of the price of brand new chairs.

Why not visit our premises in Southview Rise and try one for yourself. It could be just what you need to snuggle up in, by the fireside this winter.

We have one of Hampshire’s best stocked mobility and disability equipment showrooms, plus on-the-spot expert advice! So, whatever help you may need about choosing the right type of fireside chair, we are here to help. For further assistance, call us on 01420 549481.