Be Patient and Book Early – Our Advice as Stock Shortages Continue

We pride ourselves on being one of Hampshire’s premier suppliers of mobility aids – but we haven’t been immune to the current shortages of stock. This is especially the case for items such as rollators, wheelchairs, powerchairs and mobility scooters – whether they are for indoor or outdoor use.

We appreciate how frustrating this is proving to be for our customers – and for us, too – because we have always prided ourselves on fast and efficient delivery times. But there is only so much that we can do at the present time.

The supply problem isn’t just restricted to Out and About here on the Hampshire/Surrey border, or even our industry as a whole. It’s a widespread issue across a whole range of business sectors, such as the car and bike industry, which rely on regular shipments coming in from Europe, Asia and elsewhere. There are simply not enough vessels to cover the current backlog of orders.

We seem to have encountered a perfect storm; logistics businesses struggling to cope because of unprecedented order books resulting from Covid, bureaucratic teething troubles associated with Brexit and higher customer demand generally.

It’s been a tough one to overcome – but rest assured we are doing our level best to work our way through this.

Plan ahead for your Mobility Aid requirements

Presently, for many out-of-stock items, such as some wheelchairs and walkers, we are looking at lead times of at least a month. With this in mind, our advice would be to book as far in advance as possible, e.g., if you have a holiday coming up and you know that it will be important to take a folding and transportable wheelchair with you.

At the same time, we would also advise you to book a showroom appointment for a demonstration as far ahead as you can, to enable us to put all the necessary arrangements in place, in line with your requirements.
The good news is that in anticipation of this order backlog, we purchased a number of the Dietz Taima Rollators. This has enabled us to circumvent many of the supply issues involving these key mobility aids that we are facing with other brands.

We even have a promotion on Taima Rollators at the moment.

Karma is one of the few manufacturers who are managing to keep up with demand and they supply us with wheelchairs quickly. Out and About stocks a great selection of Karma wheelchairs and we been selling them consistently for a considerable period of time. Plus, customer feedback has been very positive.

So, if you are searching for a solid and dependable wheelchair, a Karma wheelchair could be the answer. You can call us to enquire about availability and to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange a product demo here in our Alton showroom, or at your home.

Once again, our sincere apologies if you are experiencing delays in getting your mobility aid of choice. We are doing everything in our power to source stock as fast as we can. We are checking regularly, as the situation can change from day to day.

The message, however, is to be patient and book early. Leave the rest to us!

Meanwhile, despite restrictions being lifted from July 19, we will still be encouraging the use of masks in the showroom after this date. We will also continue to ask people to make appointments, to ensure that they will be seen in a timely fashion.

For a full mobility equipment demonstration, simply call us on 01420 549481, or email:

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