Things to sit up and take notice of when choosing a Riser Recliner Chair

Riser recliner chairs have been a popular form of seating for years, adding style and luxury to living room space. At the same time, for anyone experiencing mobility issues, chairs that tilt and lift can provide a practical means of staying independent around the home.

Obviously, the older you are, getting in and out of a chair can become more problematic. But having a rising, stand up chair needn’t be associated with infirmity. Chairs that rise and recline at the touch of a button can be hugely beneficial to people of all ages (those recovering from sports injuries, for instance).

If you have musculo-skeletal or circulatory issues, sitting comfortably – and sensibly – is vitally important, especially if you are in the chair for extended periods of time. Having your legs properly elevated and in a supported position is beneficial to comfort and health. Likewise, when getting in and out of a chair starts becoming difficult, a seat that provides a built-in,lift and stand-up action can be a huge advantage.

The question is, what type of chair is best suited? Most riser recliner chairs will have either single or dual motors. They all deliver a ‘Full Rise’ enabling you to get out of the chair far more easily than from a traditional armchair. But there are important variations that you need to be aware of.

Single Motor Chairs

Riser recliner chairs fitted with just a single motor to drive all the different moving parts limit functionality to some degree, as no single part can move independently. They all work together, with each part of the chair altering its position at the same time and in a predetermined fashion. So,as the leg rest rises, the angle of both the seat and the back alter simultaneously, until the chair reaches its maximum adjustment. Alternatively, you release the button to stop further movement.

This might be perfect for raising your legs, but let’s say you want to use the chair to eat a meal–which could often be the case. Since the back of the chair is tilting backwards, this makes eating almost impossible.

Dual Motor Chairs

The advantage of having two motors is that these chairs allow the seat back and the footrest to be positioned independently – giving you greater flexibility. This enables you to find the position that best suits you and make further adjustments if needs be, e.g. sitting upright, but with your legs elevated, whilst you eat your meal.

Tilt In-Space Chairs – Single and Dual Motor

These chairs maintain the angle between the back and the seat ensuring that, as you recline, your body is not unnecessarily stressed. Should you so wish, tilt in-space chairs allow you to raise your feet above the level of your heart – a key requirement for certain medical conditions, such as poor circulation or oedema.

Wall Huggers

If you are limited for space but would really benefit from having a riser recliner chair, then we can supply what is known as a wall hugger or space-saving recliner. Wall-hugger chairs move forward on their frames when reclining, so that they can be positioned much closer to a wall. Wall-huggers are available in single motor and tilt in space actions.

A standard recliner typically requires one to two feet of travel space in front of the wall to open completely, whereas a wall-hugger recliner needs only 6 inches to a foot of space between the wall and the chair back being in a vertical position.

Try before you Buy

We would always recommend that you try before you buy and, at our Alton showroom,we have four varieties of recline and lift chairs, with different motors and styles, including tilt in-space options, which you can assess to see which works best for you. Once you are happy, we will measure you for your chair, so that it is completely bespoke to your requirements. As a quicker and cheaper alternative, we also can offer standard ‘out of the box’ riser recliners.

At Out and About, we work with half a dozen leading manufacturers of riser recliner chairs supplying tailor-made solutions to clients Hampshire-wide. We often direct customers to the Primacare range, which has been a popular choice for years. Apart from their proven reliability, Primacare can match fabrics to your existing chairs and sofas – so that your riser recliner literally becomes “part of the furniture”. We will arrange delivery to your home and ensure that everything is positioned to your liking. Whilst we would always recommend this as your best course of action, in circumstances where it is difficult for you to leave your home and get to the Alton showroom, we can arrange home visits.

Our range of riser recliner chairs continue to be sold to customers throughout Alton and the broader Hampshire area. Please feel free to drop into the showroom and try one for size. For further information, call us on 01420 549481 or email: