Good Mobility Scooter Maintenance Means Safer Motoring

At this time of year, when the weather is cold and wet, it is more important than ever to make sure your mobility scooter is properly maintained.

During the chilly winter months, when frosty, damp and windy conditions are prevalent, we see a lot more punctures and scooter repairs.

This may sound strange, given that most scooter owners aren’t likely to be riding their machines as often as they would do during the summer. So the understandable tendency is to think that, with reduced use, the scooter will need less, rather than more, maintenance.

But, actually, the complete opposite is true.

As an example, we were recently called out to repair a rear puncture on a client’s mobility scooter. During the maintenance, we noticed that both the front tyres were almost completely bald. Now, obviously, it isn’t safe to drive around with tyres in this condition, because of the possibility of skidding and because worn tyres are more susceptible to puncturing, especially if they are low on air.

Badly worn tyres don’t just crop up overnight, of course. They would have had to have undergone a fair amount of use, to have ended up in that condition.  And here’s the thing. If you were driving a car, you wouldn’t for one minute think of operating it with bald tyres. Quite apart from the dangers this would present, they would also be deemed illegal.

Yet we continue to come across incidences where disabled and elderly scooter drivers are taking to the roads and pavements with flat and bald tyres. This includes on road legal Class 3 Scooters, where the owners would be committing an offence.

The last thing we would want is that you have a mishap on your scooter, which could have been avoided if the tyres were properly inflated or had plenty of tread left on them.

Mobility Scooter Service and Maintenance

As your mobility scooter has moving parts – the same goes for power chairs, riser recliner chairs and adjustable beds, incidentally – it will require regular servicing and maintenance.

This isn’t only to make certain that your scooter remains in good working order, but also to ensure your personal safety.

To tide you over during the colder weather, when roads can be slippery or even icy, it is so important that your scooter is well maintained and serviced. Mobility scooters are different from cars but they still have safety critical parts, such as brakes and the aforementioned tyres, which need to be regularly inspected. This is even more important on 8mph scooters that are used on the road at higher speeds.

As winter takes hold, if it is has been a while since your scooter was last serviced or checked over – by that we mean at least 12 months – then we would strongly recommend that you book yours in for a routine once-over.

If you suspect that the tyres are overly worn, if you haven’t had any replacements for a considerable period of time, or you need help getting air into them, please contact us straightaway. That’s why we are here; to look after any maintenance issues for you, so that you can drive around safely, without putting yourself, or other members of the public, at unnecessary risk.

If you are unable to bring your scooter into the showroom, then we can arrange for its collection and return. Alternatively, the next time you are dropping by our Alton showroom, you could always call in and we will be able to advise if everything is in good working order – especially essentials, like tyres, brakes and batteries.

All service, maintenance and repairs are carried out in our workshop by our trained engineers. You are in good hands!

For further information or to book your mobility scooter in for a winter service, call us on: 01420 549481

Above all, drive safely around Hampshire and Surrey this Christmas period.