Calling all Age Groups – Our Mobility Hire Equipment now includes a Wheelchair with Elevating Legrests

Have you ever found yourself in the unfortunate position where you have broken a leg, or suffered an injury necessitating the use of a plaster cast or leg brace?

If so, staying mobile might require more than just a walking frame or set of crutches. To take the weight off your feet, in most cases, an alternative solution would be to use a wheelchair for a period of time.

But this can also present difficulties. Firstly, if you’ve been in hospital for surgery, once released, it’s highly unlikely that they will lend you a chair to get about. You’re on your own!

Secondly, given that it may be impossible to bend your knee, most standard wheelchairs aren’t necessarily the answer, because they don’t offer extended leg support.

But we’ve come up with a practical way round this potential problem.

Detachable, elevated legrests

One of the wheelchairs we have in stock at our Alton premises is the Karma Ergo 125 Self-Propel model. This particular disability aid is available for hire or to buy.

Karma S-Ergo Manual WheelchairThe Ergo 125 wheelchair is made from lightweight aircraft aluminium, making it easy to manoeuvre. Fitted with an extremely comfortable 18”seat, flip back armrests and slowing brakes, it can also be collapsed, so it’s ideal for storage or travel.

But the other huge advantage this mobility chair offers is that it can accommodate detachable legrests. As a result, it’s perfect for anyone who can’t bend their legs and needs to have one or both legs elevated for certain amounts of time, perhaps whilst recovering from an injury, or where there are circulatory issues.

The beauty of these elevating legrests is that they are also extremely flexible. Not only are they detachable, they can also be adjusted, so you can have one or both legs completely level or part elevated and independent of each other.

Designed for both comfort and support, the elevated leg rests can be set at variable angles, to a maximum of 180 degrees, where the leg rest will be level with the wheelchair seat. It also has a special calf pad, providing additional support for the lower part of the leg when raised.

So even if you can’t flex your legs, you’ll still have the ability to propel yourself and to sit comfortably.

This has been an extremely popular piece of mobility hire equipment – especially for clients of any age recovering from a sports injury or leg operation.  These leg-support chairs are certainly not the exclusive domain of the elderly, that’s for sure!

Please note, if you are interested in hiring legrests to go with the Karma Ergo 125 Self-Propel wheelchair, they will need to be ordered separately. Generally, it’s next-day delivery to us.

Other Mobility Aid Equipment for Hire

For short term requirements to solve a disability problem, or in situations where you want to try before you buy, our disability shop is one of the best places throughout Hampshire for mobility equipment hire. Our extensive selection includes:

One point to note here; we are often asked whether we hire out items like bath stools. The answer is we don’t, unfortunately – for sanitary reasons we aren’t able to rent out bathing or toileting aids.

How long can I hire equipment for?

Timescales range from one day, usually up to a maximum of six weeks. Price depends on the piece of equipment and on the length of hire – but we generally offer discounted prices for long term hire.

Whether you live locally in and around Alton, or further afield in places like Basingstoke, Winchester or Farnham, when it comes to the hire of mobility products, Out and About can cater for your needs. If you are interested in hiring any piece of disability equipment for yourself or a loved-one, you are always welcome at our showroom in Southview Rise, Alton. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be pleased to help you. For further information, call us on 01420 549481.