Removing, Selling & Disposing of A Used Stairlift

Unfortunately, second-hand stairlifts have very little value. In most cases you would be lucky to get someone to take the lift out free of charge and dispose of it. This is in part due to stairlifts being bespoke and built for a certain staircase. This makes it quite unlikely to find a new home, especially in one piece.

Depending on the age and manufacture you might have other options. You can get in touch with the company who originally supplied the stairlift and see if they would be willing to take the stairlift out or possibly buy back the product.

Acorn don’t offer to buy back starlifts, however they do have a well-developed scheme for customers whose stairlift are no longer required. They aim to guide and assist you through the process of selling your used stairlift privately.
Acorns re-sale pack explains how they can assist you in selling your used stairlift privately and relocating it to the buyer’s property. They will survey the potential buyer’s home to check suitability, replace the rail and re-modify the stairlift if necessary; in addition to removing and re-installing the stairlift.

Alternatively, you might want to pay an engineer to take the stairlift out and then sell it privately. This could be done online on sites like eBay and Gumtree.

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