Take Advantage of our Riser Recliner “No Hassle Service”

Out of all the mobility equipment we sell, some of the most popular aids are Riser Recliner chairs. And despite all the on-going supply issues we have been facing over the course of the pandemic, the good news is that our supplies of these easy-to-operate, extremely comfortable and attractively priced chairs have remained consistently stable.

What happens to the chair that the riser recliner will replace?

This is a very good question – one which we are frequently asked. How and where do I get rid of my old, existing seating?

You don’t have to worry!

As part of the outstanding Out and About service, we will take your old chair away with us. It means you won’t have to worry about carting it down the driveway for the binmen to collect or wonder how you’ll be able to transport it to your local amenity site. We remove the hassle – literally!

What is the difference between a single motor and dual motor riser recliner chair?

Whether you decide on a single or dual motor chair, they all deliver a ’Full Rise’. This means you’ll be able to get out of the chair much more easily than from a standard armchair.

With a single motor riser recliner, no single part can move independently. Each part of the chair alters its position at the same time and in a predetermined fashion: as the leg rest rises, the angle of both the seat and the back also alter until the chair reaches its maximum adjustment or you release the button to stop all further movement.

Whereas with dual motor systems, you have separate controls for the back rest and the footrest. The two motors of these chairs enable the seat back and the footrest to be positioned independently. This allows you to make further adjustments for your personal comfort. So, you can have your feet in an elevated position at the same time as you are sitting in an upright position.

Also, single motor versions tend to be cheaper than their dual motor counterparts – on the basis that they have fewer moving parts.

A further option is the Tilt In-Space chair which can have either single or dual motors. These versions maintain the angle between the back, so that when you recline you aren’t stretched. However, they also enable you to elevate your feet above your heart, which can be important if you suffer from poor circulation or oedema.

‘Try before you buy’

If you are thinking about considering buying a Riser Recliner armchair, the next thing is to consider what you want the chair to do for you.

Our aim is to find you the optimum style and size of your chair for your situation. That is why we strongly recommend that you try before you buy. For this reason, we would advise that you make an appointment at our Alton showroom.

In this way, you’ll get to see how they operate and also to ensure that you can be properly measured for the chair that matches your budget and requirements.

Amongst our great selection of Riser Recliner Chairs….

To whet the appetite, the Pride Weymouth Waterfall Back single motor riser recliner is just £899,available in either a Merion Fresh or Merion Fawn fabric.Or the dual motor version, available in the same fabric, priced at £999.

If your budget can stretch a little further, the Primacare Aberdare Button Back Single Space Riser Recliner is one of our most sought-after chairs. Available in neutral oatmeal fabric colours, it is priced at £1350. Or you might prefer the dual motor version for £1550.

Please be advised, these prices are all exclusive of VAT.

As leading suppliers of mobility aids and expert advice and support, we offer a comprehensive service to clients, not just in the Alton catchment area but also other locations in Hampshire and Surrey, including Winchester, Basingstoke, Farnham and Guildford.

For specific information about our extensive collection of Riser Recliner Chairs, please call us on 01420 549481.Or email us at info@outandabout-uk.com.