Taking Care of Your Batteries

Batteries don’t last forever but by following these simple suggestions they will last for much longer.

When you have finished using your scooter/powerchair for the day, put it on charge and leave it on charge until the next time you use it. Even if its only been used for a small journey.
Not all batteries are the same. What’s a good way to care for one type of battery can damage another type. Scooter and powerchair batteries are designed to “Deep Cycle”, and when they aren’t being used they like to be kept on charge and left to ‘trickle charge’. It uses very little electricity – a fraction of what it takes if you leave your TV on standby – and ensures that your batteries are always topped up and are ready for use.

Avoid ultra-deep discharges of your scooter/powerchair and try and avoid completely draining your batteries. It’s okay if you do this occasionally, but if you are regularly using your scooters full battery capacity you should think about getting a bigger scooter with larger batteries to cope with your level of use.

Don’t take your batteries off charge before they have fully charged.

Never leave the charger connected to your scooter or chair whilst the 13 amp mains socket is switched off. If there is no current flowing from the mains through the charger to your scooter or powerchair the flow of power will go into reverse and the power in your battery will be drawn off.

When storing or not using your scooter for more than a month you must fully charge your batteries, then simply leave them be, making sure that you disconnect the charger.

Once a month (at least) recharge your batteries giving them a full charge – 12 hours minimum.

Remember – before you use your scooter or chair again you must make sure your batteries are fully charged.

Keep your charger, scooter/powerchair controls dry. Waterproof scooter/powerchair control covers are available for when you are using your products outside and waterproof storage covers are available for when they are being stored.

If you have any questions, or if you are concerned about your batteries and would like them tested you can:
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