What happens if my Mobility Vehicle breaks down?

It’s the last thing you want to happen. You’re out in town doing some shopping, or maybe away on holiday hundreds of miles from home – and suddenly your scooter or wheelchair goes on the blink. Or there’s a puncture, or some loss of power.

Of course, the likelihood of this happening is small. But breakdowns do occur and, here at Out and About, our overriding priority is to ensure that you can reach home safely and quickly and that the problem can be easily rectified.

First of all, let’s cover the immediate priority – how do you get home safely if you find yourself stranded miles from home?

Above all, if you use a mobility aid to allow you to stay mobile away from your property, e.g. so that you can get to and from the local shops, or further afield as the case may be, then we would strongly recommend that you takeout insurance cover.

Out and About are agents for First Senior Insurance who are specialists in mobility equipment insurance.12 months’ comprehensive mobility scooter insurance cover can start from as little as £69.00 per year,with an additional £59.00 for roadside recovery. As well as mobility scooters, First Senior Insurance also offer cover on stairlifts, powerchairs and electric wheelchairs. Their offering also includes public liability insurance up to £2 million.

The additional premium for roadside recovery is certainly worth considering – especially in the event that you breakdown away from home. This will ensure you have 24hr, 365 days-a-year support (and not just on weekdays between 9am and 5pm, for instance). Crucially, someone will be there to collect you and your vehicle and get you home safely – so that you aren’t left high and dry.

This level of cover is valid throughout the UK including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands – and not simply if you are shopping locally in Alton, Winchester, Basingstoke. You will be covered up to 20 miles to get you back home, or to your temporary address or holiday home (if you are away on vacation).

Once you and your equipment are safely back home in Hampshire, you can then call us to arrange a diagnosis and repair.

We can fix most things

In essence, whatever the nature of your equipment breakdown, we can fix it – as long as the parts are available. In most cases, we can provide a solution and we’ll always do our best to make a first class repair! Please be advised however, that in the case of some scooters and powerchairs, the manufacturers will only deal directly with customers.

Depending on the nature of the fault, we can and will do call out repairs. If we require extensive equipment or time, however, then we will need to carry out the repairs in our Alton workshop.

Conditional on availability, we can supply hire/loan equipment, but this will be determined by the situation, the type of equipment and the length of time the repair will take. Breakdowns are rare and especially so if you are looking after the equipment correctly. This will include how you store and charge your scooters and powerchairs, as well as where you drive them. Beware of potholes, for instance! But accidents and failures do occur, so insurance and breakdown cover is recommended, especially if you are venturing out and travelling distances.

If problems do crop up, the important thing is that you are definitely not alone. Help is at hand.

Should you have any questions about breakdowns and the relevant insurance cover for your circumstances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01420 549481.