What is the best Mobility Scooter for You?

Maxi Mobility ScooterMobility scooters are an increasingly popular way for the elderly and disabled to stay active and independent. Nowadays, these wonderfully agile and easy-to-handle vehicles come in a range of shapes and sizes, but because there is so much choice, deciding on the best one for you can often be quite a challenge.

Don’t worry, though. As Alton’s leading stockists of mobility and disabled vehicles, we’re confident we’ll have exactly the right type of scooter to meet your needs.

First of all, it is important to consider the practicalities of what you will require the disability scooter to do, how adaptable and flexible it needs to be and, of course, your budget.

The good news is that there are mobility scooters for all occasions; those that are portable and transportable, folding scooters that fit into the boot of a car, as well as sturdy, stand-alone models that can handle the wear and tear of regular use on Hampshire’s roads and pavements.

To help you choose the right type and style of machine, here are some key pointers:

• Will you be using the scooter for short or long trips?
• Will you be driving on paths, roads or rough ground?
• Will you need to transport the scooter in a car or other vehicle?
• How important is the comfort of the seating?
• Do you need lots of leg room?
• Where will you store and charge your scooter?
• How much do you want to spend?

Mobility Scooters are classed in three categories of size; mini, midi and maxi. Below, is a useful outline of what you can expect from each vehicle category, along with a price guide.

Mini/Boot Mobility Scooters

• 4mph
• Suitable for short distances (2-3 mile round trips, maximum of 10)
• Better on paths and even ground
• Can be dismantled and transported easily
• Has convenient on-board charging and also a removable battery pack
• Basic seating and comfort
• Limited suspension. Solid tyres
• Minimal leg room
• Prices from £850 ex V.A.T.

Midi Mobility Scooters

• 4-6mph
• Can be used for short to medium distances (5-10 mile round trips, but as much as 20 miles on flat terrain)
• Suitable for paths, some roads, and slightly uneven ground
• Some models can be dismantled but not easily transported
• Convenient on-board charging
• Reasonably comfortable seating
• Some suspension
• Improved leg room
• Prices from £1295 ex V.A.T.

Maxi Mobility Scooters

• 6-8mph
• Ideal for short or long distances (typically up to 10 miles, but as much as 30 miles on flat terrain)
• Can be used on roads and uneven ground as well as paths when required
• Full all-round suspension
• Highly comfortable seating, usually with a captain’s seat
• Plenty of leg room
• Convenient on-board charging
• Non-dismountable so not easily transported
• Prices from £2250 ex V.A.T.

Maxi Mobility ScooterAcross each category of mobility scooter, we offer an exceptional choice of vehicles and we’ll provide all the advice, guidance and support you need to make an informed decision. In many ways, our showroom of mobility scooters in Alton, Hampshire is like a real car showroom!

Rest assured, we are very discerning about the makes and models we supply. This is based on our vast experience in knowing what is well made, reliable and safe to use and, just as importantly, what you as customers enjoy driving.


In addition to the disability scooters themselves, here at our Alton premises we stock a wide range of mobility accessories, including scooter bags and baskets to hold shopping, as well as a range of covers to protect you and your scooter from the weather – either while you are out riding, or if your scooter is stored outside.

Supplying high quality vehicles and accessories to customers across large areas of Hampshire is what we are renowned for. If you would like to arrange a mobility scooter demonstration, simply call us on 01420 549481 or email: info@outandabout-uk.com.