Why Hiring a Stairlift can Raise Your Spirits

If walking up and down the stairs has become impossible or even dangerous, having a stairlift fitted in your home can be a gamechanger.

But what happens if you don’t actually need a stairlift for long-term use, requiring it instead on a temporary basis after recovering from an accident or operation, for example? Or maybe you are fit and well but planning to have someone to stay who does have mobility issues and would have difficulty getting upstairs to a bedroom or bathroom, without the use of a stairlift? Especially with Christmas coming up, would their lack of mobility prevent them from coming to stay with you, if a stairlift wasn’t in place?

We know from experience that these are the sort of dilemmas faced by many people, since there are many occasions when a stairlift isn’t required for permanent use. Often, it’s the short-term issue where the problem arises.

At Out and About, we can provide the answers!

Hiring a stairlift from us can make all the difference. One that can be installed quickly – for short-term use – and then removed once it has served its purpose.

How does the Out and About Stairlift Rental Service work?

From our HQ in Alton, we operate a flexible stairlift hire service across large parts of Hampshire and Surrey – to help clients find solutions to one-off or sporadic requirements.

No two situations are the same. Some customers may only need a stairlift for a few days, whilst others may be looking to extend the hire period for a number of months. Naturally, this will affect the price of the hire. For this reason, as well the fact that every staircase is different, we would always undertake a free site survey at the property, before providing a quotation.

When can the survey be carried out?

Surveys can usually be done as quickly as the next day, if this works for the customer. Keep in mind, however, that the nearer we get to Christmas, the greater the demand, so we would recommend making an appointment as soon as possible.

Does my staircase have to be a particular shape to accommodate a stairlift?

No. We rent and sell stairlifts that are suitable for straight, curved or even outdoor staircases. So, we should be able to find a stairlift that meets your requirements.

What does the rental fee cover?

The price of the hire covers the cost of a brand-new lift and rail from one of the UK’s leading stairlift manufacturers, Acorn, so you will be receiving a fully accredited stairlift, that meets top British safety standards. The hire fee also includes a warranty for the period of hire.

How quickly can the stairlift be fitted?

Depending on the situation, if necessary, the lift can be fitted the next day. Again, the time of year may slightly affect this, but normally we can get things in place fairly smartly.

Is it possible to hire before making a purchase?

Yes, it is. We find that a number of customers who may be looking for longer-term use, start out by hiring a stairlift from us, to try it out and see how it works in everyday use. Often, they find that the stairlift becomes an indispensable piece of equipment and then opt to purchase it. You always have that choice.

Whether you are considering the hire of a stairlift as a short-term solution for yourself or on behalf a visiting guest, or as a first step towards having a lift installed on a permanent basis, the Out and About Stairlift hire service is the perfect way to cater for your needs. It is ideal for clients living in Alton and surrounding areas, like Winchester, Basingstoke and Guildford, for whom we are handily placed to carry out stairlift installations.
For further information, please call us on 01420 549481 or 0800 016 9390 for more details. Alternatively, you can fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of our stairlift product page on the website.

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