Once you have decided that a Riser Recliner Armchair is right for you, you need to think in a little more detail about what you need your chair to do.

The motors of the chair

Most chairs will have either one or two motors. All chairs deliver a ‘Full Rise’ which enables you to get out of the chair with far greater ease than a traditional arm chair.

Single Motor Chairs

These chairs have only the one motor to drive the different moving parts, therefore no single part can move independently. Each part of the chair alters its position at the same time and in a redetermined fashion: as the leg rest rises, the angle of both the seat and the back also alter until the chair reaches its maximum adjustment or you release the button to stop all movement.

Dual Motor Chairs

The two motors of these chairs enable the seat back and the footrest to be positioned independently, allowing you to find the position that best suits you and then make further adjustments if you so need.

Tilt In-Space Chairs – Single and Dual Motor

These chairs are able to maintain the angle between the back and the seat ensuring that as you recline your body is not ‘stretched’ uncomfortably. They also enable you, should you so wish, to raise your feet above the level of your heart which is often a requirement for certain medical condition e.g. poor circulation or oedema.

We would always recommend you try before you buy, and at our show room not only can you try different chair functions and back styles, you can be measured for a chair. Our aim is to find you the perfect size and style of chair.

If you think that you need your chair to do more than described above, don’t fret there are more specialised chairs available. We can discuss your requirements in more detail and provide you with more information.

You can download this information here or contact us on 01420 549481 for further information.