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Good Mobility Scooter Maintenance Means Safer Motoring

At this time of year, when the weather is cold and wet, it is more important than ever to make sure your mobility scooter is properly maintained. During the chilly winter months, when frosty, damp and windy conditions are prevalent, we see a lot more punctures and scooter repairs. This may sound strange, given that […]

Keep your Batteries Charged! Tips for looking after your Mobility Scooter in Colder Weather

If you own a mobility scooter, during the cold and rainy winter months, it’s more important than ever to protect the batteries and the machinery from the worst of the weather. Unfortunately, in places like Alton, Winchester, Basingstoke and further afield in Hampshire, it isn’t warm and sunny all-year round! You won’t be surprised to […]

What happens if my Mobility Vehicle breaks down?

It’s the last thing you want to happen. You’re out in town doing some shopping, or maybe away on holiday hundreds of miles from home – and suddenly your scooter or wheelchair goes on the blink. Or there’s a puncture, or some loss of power. Of course, the likelihood of this happening is small. But […]

What is the best Mobility Scooter for You?

Mobility scooters are an increasingly popular way for the elderly and disabled to stay active and independent. Nowadays, these wonderfully agile and easy-to-handle vehicles come in a range of shapes and sizes, but because there is so much choice, deciding on the best one for you can often be quite a challenge. Don’t worry, though. […]

Our Second Hand Mobility Equipment is Second to None!

When you first require a mobility aid to help you get around, it’s often a situation you won’t have given a great deal of thought to – and probably not one you’d planned for. Of course, much will depend on your level of disability. For instance, if you have reasonable mobility but are having difficulty […]

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